Anything is possible

October 2014
The Anything is Possible Camp was part of the Scout’s Ticket to Life Program that had been raising money to form a Scout  troop in the slums of Manila. The program was very successful with many street kids attending and gaining an education. The camp was the next step to bring 25 scouts from the Philippines to join in with West Australian Scouts. I was very excited  about the opportunity to be part of this camp. I thought I would learn a lot about these kids and also have a lot of fun.


I had already decided that I would make Christmas cards and sell them to raise money to go to Jamboree in 2016. When I  knew that I was going to Anything is Possible I decided to put some of the money I earned from the Christmas cards towards  helping to bring the Scouts here from Manila. I got busy making cards and raised $100 towards the camp.

30 December

The camp began with an opening parade and then we had to move quickly to Government House for the Manila Scouts to  meet the Governor. After this, we had a tour around Perth which included the Bell Tower and the Perth Mint. I didn’t know  anybody else who was going on the camp so I was a little bit nervous on the first day.

31 December

On New Year’s Eve we had a trip to Perth Zoo. It was great fun. The Manila Scouts were so excited to see kangaroos, koalas  and emus. Most of our meals were foods that the Manila Scouts were familiar with. We ate a lot of chicken and rice.  That night we had a disco to celebrate the New Year.

1 January

On the first day of 2015 we all went to King’s Park for a fun games day. Our guests taught us some games that they play at home. They played a version of leap frog and it was amazing to watch how high some of them could jump over each other’s  backs.

2 January

Water sports day! In the morning  we spent some time swimming and making sand castles at Floreat beach. We then  travelled to Pelican Point and had a great time in the water. The activities included making rafts, a ride on a speedboat,  sailing and canoeing. There were lots of failed rafts that fell apart in the water, but we all kept laughing. That night someone  brought a joey and a bobtail lizard in for the Manila Scouts to have a close encounter. There were lots of photos taken especially with the little joey.

3 January

On the last day of camp we had a trip to Fremantle. We had an environmental tour, visited the shipwreck museum and the  round house. After our lunch we needed to make our way back to headquarters to get ready to leave.

Looking back on the  Anything is Possible Camp I feel privileged that I was selected to go. Watching the kids from Manila and their excitement over  eceiving small things helped me to realise how much I have in life. I hope that from the camp I have learnt to  appreciate the good things in life more.

Harrison Lambert, year 8

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