Messages from the aether: On the road ahead

11 traits of churches that will impact the future

This is a great article looking into some of the trends of churches that are leading them in a positive direction. The author makes it clear that while church culture is changing, the message isn’t.  The experience is changing, but the story is just as powerful. As he writes: “One is sacred. The other is not.”

Dealing with change
“Understanding how people respond to change can enable the leader to carefully identify and work with each group.” This piece is a rational look at why some people don’t want change, why  thers always do, and how to deal with it. It could be a helpful read for any congregation who is beginning a process of strategic planning.

My Christmas Blog
Christmas has truly snuck up on us this year. A quick flick through some Christmas blogs will put anyone just about on the verge of feeling Christmassy. This blog is full of hand decorating  deas, Christmas trends and helpful planning ideas for this festive season. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and much joy for 2015!

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