A selfless gift

Rev Brenton Prigge, First Third specialist in the South West Region, shares how ordinary congregation members in the third third of life can connect with those in the first third.

Laurie is a member of our Sunday congregation at Busselton. Laurie heard me dreaming aloud of a new sand pit with a bit of a ‘tree house’ in the back garden and then, with a bit of help from his  friends, Laurie quietly made this dream happen.

Since then there have been numerous conversations at our musical playgroup, Boppin’ Tots, and our Montessori Playgroup, Little Explorers, about the sand pit and the tree  house. The  conversation always comes back to “who built it for you?” and “was it expensive”. They are visibly impressed when I tell them that it was built by congregation members who between them  sourced the materials and found ways to cover the costs, all with a minimum of fuss.

These are non-church going families and the idea that somebody in a congregation would selflessly build  something that was not for church use, but in effect a gift to their children, really touched them.

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