Bridging the age gap

Rockingham Uniting Church has always welcomed and encouraged its youngest members. In our Kids of Uniting Church in Australia (KUCA) group on Sundays, children would learn and have fun, however there was always something missing.

With KUCA finishing after age twelve, those who finished had no next step along their faith journey other than to join adult worship and studies if they wished. To cater for this fast growing demographic, Rockingham has implemented two new groups to help the youth and young adults of the church to continue to grow in their faith and as people.

Our Youth Group, aimed at high school aged teens, has been running for more than three years now and continues to attract new members from both within and outside the church congregation. Mostly comprised of games and activities with elements of team building and prayer, the youth group offers a great setting for local teens to enjoy fellowship and have fun together whilst growing into well rounded young people.

The mostly member-run Young Adults Group has now been running for almost two years and provides the next stage of development. The group offers its members additional support and spiritual growth in an enjoyable and social manner. The group includes greater and deeper Christian discussion than the Youth Group, with greater reference to the issues that young adults face in their lives today. Discussion is often based on actions and values which has helped develop group members into very good people around the church.

These two groups have managed to successfully fill the void between being a child and being an adult in our church. They have helped our members of the younger generation become terrific people and we hope they continue to operate and grow.


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