New preschool underway in Sri Lanka

The Uniting Church in WA has been in partnership with the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka since 2012, and in 2013 members of the Annual Meeting of the Presbytery and Synod agreed to support the church through its Interfaith Preschool Project.

The project provides an environment for children to participate in education, free from violence and other trauma induced circumstances which have been affecting Sri Lanka in the after-math of civil war. It also provides nutritious meals to the children who attend: a $10 donation can feed a child for a month.

Rev Dr A W Jebanesan, President of the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka, has recently notified the Uniting Church in WA of the most recent development from donations provided.

A new preschool has been established in the Wanni district, an area affected by the war in Sri Lanka. Funding to establish the school was given to Navajeevanam, a farm project started by the church to help the local people. In this innovative project, the new school is being developed as an “environmentally friendly interfaith preschool”.

The donations will be used for managing this preschool and to aid the children’s education in the area. The money was greatly appreciated.

To donate to this project, contact the Social Justice Unit at the Uniting Church in WA on (08) 9260 9800 or email For more information, visit


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