Juniper adds a new dimension to spiritual care

Juniper has long had a commitment to providing pastoral support to our residents, clients and staff expressed through Uniting Church Chaplains and arrangements with Uniting Church congregations.
In recent years Juniper has observed the huge increase in diversity in belief systems and spirituality within the Australian community and among their residents, clients and staff.

In light of these changes, Juniper has recently committed more resources to a new dimension of spiritual care by creating a new Pastoral and Spiritual Care Team to respond to the variety of pastoral and spiritual needs of its people.

The team has recently been appointed and comes together with skills, training and experience in chaplaincy, pastoral care and aged care and from different Christian denominational backgrounds.

They work across 17 of Juniper’s residential facilities in Perth and Northam providing one-on-one support for the different expressions of spirituality and spiritual journey amongst the residents and staff.

They are also providing a presence to the independent living villages and in community services into private homes.

As a Uniting Church community, Juniper will continue to provide opportunities for traditional worship and Church services for those who want to participate.

Team members also facilitate several Christian denominational groups who provide regular Church services and conduct services themselves.

Another strategy being implemented to maximise the effectiveness of pastoral support is the recruitment and training of Pastoral Care Volunteers to partner with team members in this important task to fulfil Juniper’s Mission to enhance the independence, spiritual fulfilment and enjoyment of life of older people.

For more information please contact the Team Leader, Adrienne Inch, on 9240 0377 or at

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