Messages from the aether: Voices for the voiceless

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A God who gambles

Genesis Chapter 1 offers an insight into the bigger picture of the function of every believer. In this article, J Barrett Owen likens God to Martin Luther King, famous for his “I have a dream” speech. Martin  Luther King visualised the potential of the vast, seemingly barren expanse before him. Much like God, he deliberated over the problem and the potential, visualising a solution. Knowing that he did not have  his dream, just for the sake of it, he chose to take a risk on top of that dream, and he did this with others in mind. That is really the message of salvation in a nutshell and the mandate of every follower of Jesus Christ. We are put on this earth for others. To speak out and act on behalf of those who are incapacitated and unable to fight for themselves.

Girl Rising

This article is an interesting twist on the concept of advocacy and being a voice to the voiceless. “Girl Rising” is a documentary which covers the lives of girls around the world who are striving to find their  place in school. What is captivating about this documentary is the empowerment of these girls to tell their own story. Where they were once silenced or too afraid to speak up in their situations, the advocate  here has chosen not to speak up for them, but to give them their voice back and let them speak for themselves.

Inonge Muyamwa

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