Uniting Church members become modern-day abolitionists

Uniting Church members are joining forces with Christians across Australia to speak up against human trafficking and slavery on Abolitionist Sunday 23 November.

UnitingWorld is joining forces with World Vision for Abolitionist Sunday, to raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking and slavery and equip  Christians to speak up on the issue. World Vision  Australia’s chief executive, Tim Costello, says that Christians are often unaware of the human suffering that may be behind the products and services they buy.

“Human trafficking is woven into the lives we lead – whether we know it or not,” said Tim.

“Our own actions may even contribute to this demand because of the goods we consume.”

Tim says that whenever  people are exploited for profit, rather than being valued as children of God, the Church must speak up.

“The fact that millions of people are exploited to provide goods and services must break the heart of God. And it should break ours too.

“As Christians, we have made a difference in the past, and I believe that today we can again bring  an end to this horrendous abuse of human life.

“By demanding more ethical products we can show that we are serious about ending human trafficking and slavery and that we will not tolerate men, women or children being exploited for profit,” Tim said.

You can raise your voice against human trafficking and slavery by taking part in Abolitionist Sunday, 23 November. To receive a resource kit, register your church at www.worldvision.com.au/abolitionistsunday

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