Messages from the aether: Life-giving

What are people blogging?

How to stop procrastinating: 18 easy ways

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone – Pablo Picasso. Everybody procrastinates. This article not only talks about the reasons why we tend to  procrastinate, but gives some easy ways to overcome procrastination, ultimately freeing up our time and aiding us in leading more productive lives.

Five life-giving truths from years of  living with less years-of-better/

We may all be guilty of it, taking on more than we need, and sometimes more than we can handle. Joshua Becker shares a life changing personal story about his journey to purposeful  minimalism and how stopping the chaos of ‘too much’ allowed him to appreciate the real joys of his life with renewed energy.

Three things you need to find your authentic self

Many of us paint a picture of who we are based on our jobs or roles in life, but Diana Reid writes about how our values, strengths and passions actually play the biggest role in defining  who we are and helping us find our authentic self.

Optimistic life

This blog is full of valuable nuggets on self development, health and well being, lifestyle and career growth. It is written by Roman Soluk who has dedicated his own life to optimistic  living and aiding others in living their best optimistic life.

Inonge Muyamwa

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