Bathsheba, Bathed in Grace: How 8 scandalous women changed the world, by Carol Cook

How Scandalous Women Changed the worldChallenged to write a character study of women in the Bible, Carol Cook wondered if she would find enough women mentioned to provide the basis for such a study – but she found at  least 418 women named and wanted to know more. As she read, she realised that many of these women had faced the same struggles she herself had faced. This inspired her to let the  characters tell their own stories. The challenge was to let each woman find her own voice.

In this book, eight so-called “scandalous” women tell their own stories. They are not so much scandalous in terms of wilfully flouting moral and social convention, but rather because of  the circumstances in which their lives were enmeshed. Imagination brings each woman alive so that we hear her speaking in her own right. We are called to lay aside judgement and preconception and listen. As we listen, we may discern the life-changing grace of God at work lifting us out of situations in which we too may have felt entrapped.

Written from a feminist perspective, this is not just a book for women to read. A woman’s point of view may also challenge men to re-evaluate their attitudes and ideas.

John Meredith

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