Barbies for the outback

One of our great Aussie traditions is getting together for a barbie. With Spring just around the corner, Frontier Services is asking people to host a Great Outback BBQ. Get a group of  friends together and raise some money for the people of remote Australia. Whether it’s a  group of five or fifty, host a BBQ at your church, school or in your community and celebrate our  mates in the outback. Frontier Services have everything you need including fundraising ideas, recipes and more.

Call Frontier Services and register your BBQ on 1300 787 247 or visit

5 reasons to host a BBQ in 2014:

  1. Bring together people in your community for a common cause
  2. It’s a simple and fun way to lend a hand
  3. You will contribute to a ‘mantle of care’ for people in the outback
  4. Celebrate the spirit of the outback
  5. There is nothing better than the smell of sausages sizzling on the barbie

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