New Norcia Organ Retreat

The Organ Retreat in New Norcia offers a unique opportunity to hear a wide range of music performed on a splendid organ, as well as explanations of what it’s all about, and demonstrations of how it ‘works’. This retreat is for anyone – including of course, organists. You can come for a day, a day and a night or for the whole Organ Retreat.

The superb German Romantic organ in the Abbey is unique in Australasia. It was built in Munich in 1922. Throughout the weekend it will be put through its paces, revealing its kaleidoscope of colours, from delicate whisper to thrilling climax. Accommodation in the Monastery Guest House and other buildings, and meals, are available on a first-come first- served basis and need to be booked well in advance.

You can hear the dramatic story of the organ – invented in North Africa well over 2000 years ago – and how it came to ‘sing’ the chants and hymns, embellishing them like the  beautifully illustrated initial letters of medieval manuscripts, then to accompany choirs and congregations and to uplift people in services and in concerts.

The Organ Retreat will be led by Bruce Cash, who did post-graduate study on a similar organ in Munich. He has been a cathedral organist in England, Germany and New Zealand. It will be held from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 September. For more information visit

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