New mission development leader sought

UnitingCare West, an agency of the Uniting Church in WA, is a leader in the community services sector with over 250 staff members and 300 volunteers who deliver more than 30  support services for people experiencing hardship. The role of Mission Development Leader within UnitingCare West is a key one. The role is fundamental in providing UnitingCare West  with information about the Uniting Church ethos, structures and network, and the Mission Development Leader plays a vital part in helping the organisation to align its mission and values so that they are reflected in its policy development, decision making, work practices and service delivery.

The role has been held by Robert Watson for some 7 years, and in November 2014 he will be retiring. UnitingCare West is therefore starting the process of replacing Robert in this key  role.

“The Mission Development Leader is essential to the good health of the organisation and wellbeing of the leadership,” says Sue Ash, CEO at UnitingCare West. “With the envisaged growth  of UnitingCare West, the need to ensure that UnitingCare West’s mission does not get lost, is more important than ever.”

On Wednesday 13 August at 4.00pm, a briefing will be held on the Mission Development Leader role at 16 Sunbury Road, Victoria Park. Guests are welcome to come along and ask  questions to gain a greater understanding of the context of the role. If you, or someone you know, is interested we would welcome a conversation. Please contact Sue Ash on 9355 9002  or Robert Watson on 9355 9006.

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