Editorial: Taking action, promoting peace

Last month I participated in Pace e Bene’s week-long interfaith nonviolence course in Melbourne. It was such a huge week for me and helped with the inspiration for the theme for this  Revive. Despite non-violence sounding pretty laid back, action is a huge part of this movement. Non-violence is not about non-confrontation, but about the way we confront. It’s about  taking action in ways that promote peace, both within us and for our wider communities.

A big part of the course was focused on the way we treat ourselves; how can we show love for others if we don’t love ourselves?

The Love Makes a Way campaign that is taking over  Facebook and Twitter at the moment is a great example of this movement in action. As the feature article for the edition, you can  read more about this here. And with Refugee Week held recently, Sunday 15–Saturday 21 June, we’ve also included a few more articles with ways that you can get involved with  various campaigns.

In exciting news this month, we have decided to take action  ourselves and are now printing our hard copy of Revive on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved paper from Picton Press. Picton Press  were the first printers in WA to achieve Sustainable Green Print accreditation; they only use vegetable and soy inks, have installed water-recycling facilities and use larger ink drums,  saving 10000 ink tins annually from waste disposal. We’re really excited to be working with them in using paper in a much more resourceful way. You can find out more at  www.pictonpress.com.au.

And in even more exciting news… Welcome to our new website! This site will be updated with all the regulars in the hard copy edition, plus extra content. You’ll be able to comment on articles and also  link to it via the Uniting Church in WA Facebook and Twitter pages. Have a look around and let us know what you think.

Heather Dowling

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