UnitingCare West celebrates 8 years

On 1 July 2014, UnitingCare West will celebrate its Founding Day and 8th Anniversary with an all staff and volunteer day. The event is a chance for all of those involved with  UnitingCare West to reflect on the work that has been achieved over the last year, and to celebrate the progress and growth the organisation has experienced since it commenced  operations as a newly formed community service agency of the Uniting Church in Western Australia back in 2006.

One of the key elements of the event is the annual ERIIC Awards. The ERIIC Award – drawn from Empathy, Respect, Inclusiveness, Integrity and Commitment, the basis for UnitingCare  West’s values – is an honorary citation presented to an individual, either in a voluntary or paid position that has a history of consistently exemplifying  in their work practices, the  values and ethos of UnitingCare West. Presented by Robert Watson, mission development leader at UnitingCare West, last year’s winners included Shirley Joiner, Rainbow Lunch  Co-ordinator from Mandurah Uniting Church.

This will be Robert’s last ERIIC Awards, as he is due to retire at the end of November. Prior to joining UnitingCare West as mission development leader, Robert was the moderator of the  Uniting Church in WA. Robert is a lay preacher in the Uniting Church and a member of a range of church councils at the congregational, Synod/Presbytery and Assembly levels.

Image: Robert Watson presents at last year’s ERIIC Awards.

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