Messages from the aether: Time to act!

What are people blogging?

Being in motion vs taking action

It’s a trap we all fall into. The rush of excitement we get when we make the decision that we’re going to take action. We map our course, write lists and think of ways to put our plans  into action. James Clear writes a practical article on the difference between us being in motion to reach our goal vs taking action to actually achieve it.

Jesus, the killer of comfort

The subtle power of comfort lulls us into accepting the status quo and detesting anything that infringes on our personal freedom. Jesus’ ministry was predominantly marked by his ability to get narrow-minded thinkers to see the bigger picture; usually the picture involves us considering the happiness of others, parallel to our own. After an encounter with him,  we discover that this life is not about our peace, pleasure or personal prosperity, but rather about pursuing the will of God, a cause higher and  bigger than us.

The hardest part about change is taking action

Kathryn Mott writes about the ever illusive drive to take a stand and make a change. Most of us are well aware of what it will take to change, and often we know that change is essential  for us not to end up back in the undesirable position we found ourselves in that made us consider change in the first place. Why is it so hard to take the action to change? We find out in  this article and receive a few tips that make taking the step to change a more informed one.

The courage to take action

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D Roosevelt. My tendency to procrastinate for fear of failure was my greatest self-discovery. The fear that I will not achieve  what I am setting out to achieve, or that I will not ‘have what it takes within my grasp’ to accomplish the task, stopped me from pursuing what could be some of my greatest personal  accomplishments. Is it possible that many of us allow fear to stop us from standing up for things that are really important, not only to us, but to many who will benefit from someone  who has the internal fortitude to take action?

Inonge Muyamwa

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