Forming a faith in new times

John Roberto, author of Faith Formation 20/20 and president of Lifelong Faith Associates, is coming to Perth in August to share his experiences, insights and ideas on faith formation.

John has a lifetime of knowledge in faith formation for kids, teenagers, young-adults and older adults. Faith formation is not just something that happens at the beginning of coming to  faith, it is an evolving process throughout a person’s life. He says that in the 21st Century we are in exciting times for faith formation, even though churches can be disconnected  because of rapid changes that have taken place over the last few decades. Because of these changes, many churches are operating in a world which is no longer relevant to a lot of  people.

“Churches continue to use models of faith formation that were developed for the 19th and 20th century world. Most current programing makes assumptions about the world that are  no longer true,” John writes on his website.

Despite this, there are ample opportunities out there for churches to connect and support people in their faith journeys. New technology has made it easier for people to connect through social media, blogs, online courses and online meditations. Through faith formation networks, people at any stage should be able to develop their faith through church. Networks are usually around things like families with children, church events and programs, and adults groups. Each network is built around life issues, transitions and spiritual and  religious needs of the people within them.

“It is now possible to connect people to each other whenever and wherever – in physical places and virtual places,” John writes. “The basic shift means that we have the ability to  fashion faith formation around the people; not to get people to ‘fit’ into our programs and activities.”


John Roberto will be visiting Perth and holding workshops on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 August, 9.30– 5.00pm at St Peter Emmaus Church, Joondanna. The Friday workshop will be for  clergy and people in  denominational leadership, while the Saturday workshop is open for all to attend. Cost is $90. For more information contact the First Third team on (08) 9260  9800 or 1300 736 692 for country callers or email Janine at

For more information on John’s ministry visit

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