Sport, faith and friendship

This winter sees a new camp arrive in Perth. Sports Plus is a six-day specialist sports coaching camp for school students in years 7–12 who love competitive sport. The camp will offer  high quality coaching while getting young people to consider the Christian faith and what it looks like to be a Christian in the sporting world.

Organised by the Churches of Christ Sport and Recreation Association, Sports Plus will also promote mateship – standing shoulder to shoulder through the joy and challenges of sport.  God created us to be in relationships. Sport has always done just that: drawn people together.

The uglier side of sport will also be considered: overtraining, excessive drinking,  performance enhancing drugs, professional fouls, abusing referees, debilitating injuries, not to mention young professional sports people pushed into the pressures of a public profile well before they mature enough to be a role model.

Dr Laurence Houghton, sport scientist and coordinator at Sports Plus, said that the camp will give athletes a solid foundation for life.

“Sport Plus is a place where young sports people  receive quality coaching and understand how faith in God transforms the way they live both on and off the sports field,” he said.

Sports on offer are netball, Aussie rules, soccer, tennis and basketball. Sports Plus will run from 13–18 July at Swanleigh Conference Centre. For more information visit

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