Frontier Services official charity partner of Sydney to London rally

Frontier Services has announced that it is the official Charity Partner for the Sydney to London Classic Marathon Rally. Around 40 cars will travel the first two legs of the event from  Sydney to Perth.

Competitors from all over the world compete in this long distance event. There will be a show of the seminal classic rally cars of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Ford Escorts, Datsun  240Zs, Ford Mustangs, Porsche 911s and more will tackle 16,000 kilometres of roads in 8 countries over 30 days.

The rally kick starts on April 12 from Sydney Harbour and teams will cover 7,750 kilometres to get to Perth over 12 days. Cars and crew will then be airlifted to Turkey where they resume competition via Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, France and finally London. The journey takes about 4 weeks to complete.

National Development Manager Grahame Ryan said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with the Sydney to London Marathon Classic Rally. It is an iconic event that is a perfect fit for the mission and work of Frontier Services. The rally touches the people and the communities that we support all year round.”

For more information on the Sydney to London Classic Marathon Rally, visit or http://www.transworld

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