Messages from the aether: I think, therefore I am

What are people blogging?

I am…

I’d take a gamble that almost everyone has asked themselves the question “Who am I?” at some point in their life. Unfortunately we don’t have the liberty to answer that question with  “I am, that I am.” Pastor Mark Driscoll explores this topic with a recap on the movie Memento, and how sometimes our lack of knowledge on who we are can have disastrous  effects.

What is your secret name?

What belongs to you, but is used more by other people? You’ve probably heard this one before! Yes, it’s your name. What’s in a name? There are numerous occasions in the Bible  where God changed an individual’s name to suit their destiny. No doubt, we all have a name given to us by our parents, but then there are names, sometimes negative names given to  us by society, people who think they know us, label us, sometimes very incorrectly. In this blog John Barrett explores identity and the power in a name.

I, human

SBS presents a series on the amazing and complex human body. The episodes take us on a journey of exploration into ourselves using real life sequences, ground-breaking technology  and groundbreaking medical procedures. It expands our perceptions of what our minds and bodies are capable of and pushes the norm to new limits.

Redemption pictures

This is refreshing look at the Christian journey of Micah Murray. In his blog, he shares his take on God, which has evolved from a God of judgment to one of abundant grace and love. He likens life to one big movie, in which God is the orchestrator and director.

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