Postcards with love from Good Samaritan Industries

Good Samaritan Industries (GSI) has teamed up with Postcare, a new mobile phone and device app which allows users to take a photo on their digital device and send it via the post  as a good-old postcard.

Launched last year at the Uniting Church in the City Centre, each postcard is processed by staff at GSI, a community service agency of the Uniting Church in WA providing employment for people living with a disability.

The app was voluntarily created by Nilesh Makwana and a group of Perth professionals who donated it to GSI to broaden job experience for employees. WorldWide Printing Solutions Joondalup, Fuji Xerox, Nifnex Review and Creative Legal have also been supporters of this project.

“We are very excited to be involved in producing an app that will provide local jobs while giving the community the pleasure of sending postcards to their loved ones around the  world,” said John Knowles, CEO of GSI.

Through the app, a postcard sent anywhere in Australia costs $2.99, and anywhere else in the world is $4.99. All proceeds from the service go to GSI.

Download the free app in the iTunes App Store, or for more info visit

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