Getting to know your neighbours

How well do you know your neighbours? Are they a family similar to yours or are they different? Are they a couple or someone living on their own? Are they from another country?  Are they right next door in an apartment building, or kilometres away on a neighbouring farm?

While some people are best friends with their neighbours, often these days we don’t know them at all. This can mean that the community might not be as strong as it could, as when  people need each other they don’t know who is nearby that they can count on.

Some communities, however, are really good at getting to know each other, and even throw street parties. And sometimes kids from the neighbourhood might go to different schools  but are friends in the street. There’s lots of benefits to building a healthy, happy community – including making people happy!

So, how well do you know your neighbours? Whether you know them well, or not at all, perhaps this yummy chocolate slice from Michael James at Trinity North Uniting Church Greenwood, might help to make great friendships. Get an adult to help you and to take them to your neighbours.

Chocolate Marie Biscuit Squares

250g butter
1 egg, beaten
A few drops of vanilla essence
500g icing sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
1 packet Marie biscuits

Melt – don’t boil – butter. Remove from heat. Add egg. Mix in with beaters then beat in all the other dry ingredients, and the vanilla essence, other than biscuits. Break biscuits into  smallish pieces and stir into chocolate mixture a few at a time. Line a pan (17x27cm) with greaseproof paper so it comes rig ht over the edges. Pour mixture in, level it off and  refrigerate overnight. Lift greaseproof paper out, place on a board and cut into squares.

Finished biscuits


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