A life of love and hospitality

Errol Ruth Phillipson picA celebration of the life of Errol Ruth Phillipson was held recently, after her passing in January.

Errol was born in England in 1933 to an English father and an Australian mother. The family returned to Perth when  Errol was 14 months old. In 1949, John Phillipson was appointed assistant minister to Victoria Park, Carlisle and Welshpool as a home missioner. Errol and John became friends and that friendship developed into a lifelong partnership  of marriage.

The manse became a place where people were welcomed and given hospitality, many young people were cared for and over the years a number of them who entered the ministry  could give thanks for her love and care.Over this period of time their four daughters Moira, Erica, Megan and Naomi were born.

In 1989 Errol was offered a position in the WA Synod Office as secretary to Bill Allen the state organiser for Frontier Services. Her attention to detail and secretarial skills were evident  in her work where she served until her retirement in 1994.

Early in her life Errol made her commitment to Jesus Christ and it was this commitment, constantly reaffirmed, that was the motivating fact of her life. This faith held her, strengthened and sustained her in her life’s journey.

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