Messages from the aether: Who is my neighbour?

What people are blogging

To love your neighbour, you must know your neighbour

This is a progressive look at restoring a sense of community and getting to know our neighbours as a deliberate exercise. It is a shocking revelation that once engaged, most are quite  amenable to getting to know the people around them.

Love thy neighbour: Australia’s links with Indonesia

An eye opening read from an economic viewpoint about a common holiday spot for a lot of Australians. Indonesia’s ties have the potential to go far beyond a tropical getaway  destination, this article tells us how.

Everybody needs good neighbours

With the theme ‘Who is my neighbour?’ surely you must have expected this phrase to pop up somewhere! Has the culture of good and healthy neighbour relationships been lost in  the ever increasing hustle and bustle of life and the decline of trust and sense of personal safety? Sandy Ludinski recalls a time when good neighbours inevitably became good  friends.

Providential relationships

There is a role that our relationships with people, passing, short-term or long term, play in our progression through life. Whether it’s a word from an unknown observer or the  witness of a dear friend, our relationships pave ways to new discoveries and us broadening our spectrum of life. This article talks about providential relationships and the role they play in the introduction and progression of one’s faith walk.

Inonge Muyamwa

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