God Theories, by Ken Ungerecht

God Theories (Ken Ungerecht)This book claims to be a fusion of ideas from science and religion in the search for spiritual truth. The writer considers theories of the origin of the  universe, including the biblical view of creation, evolution as outlined by Charles Darwin, and intelligent design.

Ungerecht sees the theory of creation as unduly reliant on the unprovable claims of the Bible and has difficulty accepting evolution as the product of  natural forces. The author invites readers to assume that there is some level of consciousness present in the essence of everything and that this  somehow creates ever-increasing complexities of matter and energy, including the unfathomable complexity some call ‘God.’

Ken claims there is an “enormous amount” of anecdotal evidence suggesting there are aspects of the mind that operate independently from the brain.  For Ken, evolution occurs not through mutations in genetic structure, but is directed by some form of conscious choice. He seems to identify ‘God’ with  some form of supreme intelligence.

I found the content and the experience of reading this book unsatisfying. Much of the content seems garbled and, despite claims by the author, he  seems intent on promoting his personal views rather than exploring the arguments of either science or religion.

John Meredith

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