Messages from the aether: It’s the simple things

What people are blogging

All done by December One – a party and
entertaining plan

It’s that time of year… that work party, this charity event, those friends over for dinner before we say bye bye to another eventful year. It happens to all of us; we get dragged into  going to places when what we’d really like to do is sit at home and yes, catch the primary school kids singing Christmas Carols on the telly. I can’t remember when I got so mellow, I  remember a time when I was home almost every night, wishing for a place to be – now, I covet a night in with no agenda except to veg out. What are your plans for the holidays?

Simple living. The earlier, the better.

Are you one of those people, the more space you have, the more you can fill it with? When I moved house in 2009, after 7 years in the same place and about 10 steps to qualifying  for the TV show ‘Hoarders’, I must have donated/recycled/thrown out 50% of my ‘belongings’. I definitely felt better for it! Joshua Becker writes about his pursuit of simplicity, by  de-cluttering his home. Made me feel nice and fresh just reading it.

Why good intentions are not enough

Warning: this may cause you to do some soul searching. So many of us are full of good intentions, the part that trips us up is following through with the many grand ideas we have. I  love the opening comments of this article. Quite simple, a bit tongue in cheek, but with echoes of profoundness.

21 Things

Joelle Birano started a list of 21 things that brought her true happiness in a bid to declutter her life, physically and emotionally, refocus her energies to be more productive, more  content and to allow her to recognise the things in her life that truly matter. I’m sure this blog will be inspiring for you.

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