New Courses for staff at schools and agencies

Thousands of people who would not normally darken the doors of the church use services provided by Uniting Church agencies or send their children to Uniting Church schools. It is therefore paramount that staff at our schools and agencies are able to communicate the ethos and values which we share in the Uniting Church. Murdoch University’s new courses in theology, which were designed in close consultation with the Uniting and Anglican Churches, are designed to respond to this new challenge.  The new Graduate Diploma in Chaplaincy is a one year (full time equivalent) course that provides professional d e v e l o p m e n t opportunities for those in chaplaincy as well as initial education for those hoping to become chaplains, either lay or ordained. The Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Theology enable staff in agencies to gain greater understanding of the theology that underpins our shared values. They are also suitable to prepare teachers to teach religious education. The GradCert takes one semester, the GradDip one year (full time equivalent) of studies. For further information visit the Murdoch’s website at

Alex Jensen

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