UCAF celebrates in Perth

From all over Australia, Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF) members and guests gathered at the Esplanade River Suites Como for the eagerly awaited UCAF National Celebration     2013. It is 15 years since the celebration was held in WA.

The hard working team prepared an awesome program to keep us all on our toes.

State groups were invited to bring a piece of material which had been decorated representing the shape of their state. The pieces were pinned to the backing for a banner by representatives. That night skilled people assembled correctly to the complete the banner of Australia. This was greatly admired by all and will be used throughout the term of the WA National Committee at various gatherings.

We were introduced to the theme “Who is my neighbour” at the opening service, and during the week, the  theme was developed further by the Bible Study leaders, Rev Elizabeth Raine, and Rev Dr John Squires. We were reminded that our neighbour is not just the person living next door, but our geographical neighbours, and that ‘Fair Trade’ is a way of ensuring our neighbours get fair remuneration for their work, and that children are not used as slave labour.

A highlight of the celebration was the presence of four Bali women from the GKPB (Bali Christian Protestant Church) women’s committee, Dian Kristawati. We enjoyed their friendship so much and believe they had a fabulous time with us. We learned so much about each other, and appreciate the help  of the various UCA groups that made their visit possible with their generous donations. The partnership with the Dian Kristawati will develop over time and we look forward to  exploring this possibility in the New Year.

Congratulations to the UCAF National Committee for doing such a wonderful job.

Gill Muir

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