Sharing the dough around

Fundraising for Esperance Uniting Church for the last ten years or so has been a tasty endeavour thanks to their trusted donut machine. Selling donuts at various community events has given the congregation a pretty good reputation for the best donuts around. And now they’re sharing the love with other community groups who are also using the equipment to raise much needed funds for their own projects.

When the local market  expanded to operate every second Sunday morning, the congregation were invited to hold a donut fundraising stall. Sunday morning being a  tricky time for most churches, the congregation instead used the invitation to let other groups use their equipment. The congregation provides  everything they need and the community group pays for any supplies they use – a set-up which Rev Robert Dummermuth, minister in the region,  couldn’t be happier with.

“It’s working out very successfully,” he said.“They make the money and we break even.”

Some of the groups are so  thankful to the church that they held fundraising stalls at the recent Blessing of the Fleet where the money was given to the church.

An act of  simple hospitality has meant that the people of Esperence Uniting Church have built lasting relationships with many members of the local  community. Groups who have used the equipment include the local primary school, a netball club, a t-ball club and the local FM radio station.

“Over the next 12 months or so  there’ll be a whole range of groups using the Uniting Church equipment to cook Uniting Church donuts,” Robert said.

“Its completely changed the  attitude of a lot of folk to the church.”

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