Editorial: Finding direction

So often in life we float through and take things as they come. In fact, I think most of my life is spent in this way – I’m messy, disorganised and probably a bit too ‘cruisy’. While that  might have its place, I’ve heard it’s also important to have in mind some sort of direction or purpose… Maybe one day I’ll get there, but in the meantime I can say I’m honestly inspired by some of the stories I’ve heard and people I’ve met for this edition of Revive.

The people at Open Table, for example, who’ve made an intentional decision to live as a Christian community. Not just Christians in community, but a day-to-day life of Christians as  community.

Or Rev Jeni Goring’s reflection on travelling to the holy land. Jeni shares moments from her time walking the land where Jesus walked, experiencing travel and spirituality in  a whole new way.

Rev Neville Watson’s story is truly amazing. There’s no umming and aaahing from this man; if God has called him to stand up to an injustice then that is what he is going to  do.

In between Revive’s, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) Forum. It was an eye opening experience for me as I witnessed  such a diverse group of Christians come together with the aim of unity – not just between their own groups, but to be an example of what can be. An intentional community working towards a common Christian voice for justice and service.

I was able to meet people from many different backgrounds, and hear first hand stories of concern in people’s homelands that I have previously only ever had the chance to read  about.

Being present amongst this community, if only for a week, made me proud to be a Uniting Church delegate, as numerous times I saw how we are forerunners for change on a range of  issues. It also showed me how dedicated the Uniting Church is to ecumenism – I guess it’s in our DNA.

I hope this edition sparks some reflections on how you are intentional in your own lives, or maybe where you have some room for improvement, as it has done for me. We would  love to hear your responses from what you’ve read in this edition. Send your letters to GPO Box M952 Perth WA 6843 or email revive@wa.uca.org.au. However, letters longer than  200 words may be shortened at the editor’s discretion.

Heather Dowling

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